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When you need air conditioning repair done in Cornelius, give us a call.

What to Look for in a Heating Contractor
Many people depend on their air conditioning unit to keep their home and family comfortable, and it can be very inconvenient when it stops working efficiently or breaks altogether. If you are in need of reliable air conditioning repair in Cornelius, North Carolina, you can trust our team at Hodge Heating & Air Conditioning of Lake Norman.

Before beginning air conditioning repair, our team makes sure we know the source of the problem. A correct determination of the problem will allow us to get the repair done promptly and without interruptions. We can repair your air conditioner whether the job is big or small. If your system has completely stopped working or isn’t working as efficiently as you need it to, our team at Hodge Heating & Air Conditioning is the one to call. When your air conditioner runs properly again, you will save money and energy.

Voted #1 In Customer Satisfaction Locally

Our owner has over 30 years of experience in the industry, and has passed down that knowledge and experience to our professional staff. We are committed to providing each of our customers with up-to-date, quality services and products related to air conditioning repair, and we want you to feel confident you are getting the best service from our team.

When you need air conditioning repair done properly and efficiently in Cornelius, contact our team at Hodge Heating & Air Conditioning of Lake Norman. We will make sure our repairs leave you with efficient, reliable air conditioning for your home. We look forward to working with you!

FAQs About Our Air Conditioning Repair Services

Air conditioning is a necessity, especially in the summer when it’s hot and humid outside. If your air conditioner is giving you problems, we’ve answered a few questions about our air conditioner repair services down below.

What are some signs I need air conditioning repair?

Call us for air conditioning repair services if warm air comes out of your vents instead of cold air. You may also need AC repair if your utility bills have increased, your AC system makes odd sounds when it runs, or your system won’t turn on at all.

Can you replace my air conditioner?
Yes! If your air conditioner is beyond repair and you need a new system, we can help with every part of this process, from selecting the right unit to installing it in your home.
How long does it take to fix an air conditioner?
This depends on the complexity of the repair and your home’s unique system. Some repairs only take a matter of an hour while others can take longer.
Why should I call you for AC repair?
We’re known for our excellent customer service and fast response times. We won’t overcharge you to fix your AC system, and we’ll make sure your system works like it should before we leave.
How do I make an appointment?
Scheduling an AC repair appointment with us is easy! All you need to do is give us a call and one of our representatives will get you on our schedule.

At Hodge Heating & Air Conditioning of Lake Norman, we offer air conditioning repair services in Cornelius, Lake Norman, Davidson, Caldwell, Hopewell, Huntersville, and Mooresville, North Carolina.


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