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Troubleshoot your air conditioner problems and know when to call in the experts!

No one likes when they are in the middle of a heat wave and discover that they are having problems with their air conditioning. Air conditioner problems can happen to anyone, no matter what age or shape that your air conditioner is in! Should an air conditioning problem happen to you this summer, we want you to be prepared! Here at Hodge Heating & Air Conditioning of Lake Norman, we know that air conditioner problems can strike at any time. We have come up with a few troubleshooting ways to assist you if you encounter an air conditioning problem.

Air Conditioner Problems in Cornelius, North Carolina

First, make sure that your thermostat is switched to “cool.” You’d be surprised how often we see people who thought they had an air conditioning problem when, in reality, they just forgot this small step. Don’t worry if this happens to you- we have all done something like this!

Next, check your breaker box. Sometimes the solution to your air conditioning problem is as simple as the flick of a switch.

Another area to check is around your actual air conditioning unit. Check this space for plant life or other items that might be obstructing the flow of air to your AC unit.

Get your air conditioning repair service 24/7 with us.

Finally, know when to call in the professionals. Air conditioner problems can be a simple or a complex fix, but you need a skilled technician to know which is which. If you are currently experiencing air conditioner problems or would like to prevent them this season in Cornelius, North Carolina, give us a call today here at Hodge Heating & Air Conditioning of Lake Norman and stay cool this summer.

At Hodge Heating & Air Conditioning of Lake Norman, we can help solve air conditioner problems throughout the Lake Norman area, including Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville, Mooresville, Denver, Torrance, Hopewell, and Caldwell County, North Carolina.