Spring Cleaning Tips for HVAC Systems

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Spring cleaning isn’t limited to your living spaces and yard; the change in temperature this time of year also makes it the perfect time to give your HVAC system some well-deserved attention and care.

Spring Cleaning Tips for HVAC Systems

When making your spring-cleaning checklist, review the tips below to ensure your heating and air conditioning system is ready for the warmer seasons.

  1. Give your AC a Test-Drive: During the winter months, our air conditioning system sits inactive for months. When getting ready for the transition to warmer temperatures in spring time, ensure your AC is cooling effectively, and if you notice any issues, contact us for professional HVAC assistance.
  2. Replace Air Filters: Clean filters are something homeowners should be monitoring and replacing regularly year-round. Clean filters improve indoor air quality, enhance HVAC efficiency, and help to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.
  3. Inspect and Clean Your Outdoor HVAC Unit: Remove any debris and leaves, and address any visible damage to ensure proper system performance.
  4. Clean and Dust Vents: During the winter, dust and debris can accumulate in your vents. Cleaning the vents ensures unobstructed airflow which, in turn, promotes proper ventilation and HVAC performance.

Spring cleaning for your HVAC system is an investment in your personal comfort, your home’s energy efficiency, and your health by improving your indoor air quality. By following these easy tips and enlisting one of our professional HVAC technicians when necessary, you can ensure your heating and air conditioning system is in great condition for spring and all year round.