There's Something in The Air: Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality

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Does something seem “off” about your home’s indoor air lately? Don’t ignore the signs. Air pollutants can sneak in through your HVAC system and, if not properly filtered out, gradually worsen the indoor air quality of your home.

There's Something in The Air: Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Here are some of the most common warning signs that your indoor air has problems that need to be addressed:

  • Sudden Onset of Health Issues. Poor indoor air quality often means a high concentration of contaminants like dust, pollen, and mold. These contaminants may be allergy-inducing to one or more family members. Common symptoms include cold-like symptoms, skin irritation, and hyperactive allergies appearing out of season.
  • Dusty Surfaces. If you notice that your vents or areas near your vents are visibly dusty, it could be a sign of indoor air quality. There may be an unusually high concentration of air pollutants in your home, which should be urgently addressed.
  • Bad Odors. Lingering unpleasant odors are a warning sign that you have stagnant air in your home. Your vents may either not be circulating air adequately or have an excessive buildup of dust or mold. Bad odors can make your living situation quite uncomfortable, so if you observe a persistent strange smell from one day to the next, your HVAC system might be the culprit.
  • Uncomfortably High Humidity Levels. High humidity levels also contribute to poor indoor air quality. You may notice condensation on your walls, windows, and doors. This comes with reduced comfort and can even affect your sleep quality.

Living with poor indoor air quality is uncomfortable and unhealthy. But we can help. At Hodge Heating & Air Conditioning of Lake Norman Inc., we provide customized air purification solutions for residents of the Lake Norman area. Contact us, and we’ll help you clear the air.