What Does An Air Conditioning Contractor Do?

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Beyond installing new HVAC units, you may wonder, just what does an air conditioning contractor do? Air conditioning contractors are responsible for maintaining, repairing, and installing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in clients’ homes. Most will have a professional license, insurance, and years of expertise.

What Does An Air Conditioning Contractor Do?

Our team at Hodge Heating & Air Conditioning of Lake Norman Inc. takes pride in our professionalism, prompt response time, and attention to detail. While we may have grown since we opened in 2000, we provide each of our customers with the same level of personalized service as we did in the beginning. As an air conditioning contractor, we provide the following services:

  • AC system installation
  • Repair
  • Air purification installation and repair
  • Custom ductwork
  • Oil-to-gas conversions

We also have 24-hr emergency services and offer free estimates on replacement systems. One of the most important services we offer is AC maintenance. As an air conditioning contractor in North Carolina, we know how important it is to have a functioning unit during the humid, hot summers. During your scheduled maintenance visit, we will thoroughly inspect the inside and outside units. If we discover any issues, we will assess and provide solutions for each. We will make the repairs upon approval to keep your unit in working order.

Our technicians often spend most of their time diagnosing and repairing issues that pop up as systems age. As an air conditioning contractor, we will let you know if a replacement is in order, which leads us to the final thing we do. If necessary, we install replacement HVAC systems, ensuring your home stays at a comfortable temperature. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.