5 Easy-to-Recognize Signs that You Need Furnace Service

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As weather cools, you want to be prepared for the colder months. More specifically, you want to be ready to keep your home warm, despite the cold outside. In order to do so, you need to know when your furnace is having a problem. Here are a few easy-to-recognize signs that you need furnace service:

1.   Check the color of your pilot light: One indicator of furnace problems that is easy to see is the color of your pilot light. If your light is blue, no need to worry. If the light is off color, especially if it’s yellow, then you most likely have a ventilation issue. This can be hazardous, and you should seek repair service right away.

5 Easy-to-Recognize Signs that You Need Furnace Service

2.   Check the sound: Another easy to recognize sign is the sound coming from your furnace. While low and moderately quiet sounds are normal, loud sounds or banging are not. They almost always indicate something is in need of repair.

3.   Check the heat: If the air coming from your furnace isn’t reaching warm temperatures, you will want to get it checked early on, especially before it gets even colder outside. You should also let the unit run for a while to ensure it can stay on without any issues or needing to be restarted.

4.   Check your bill: If your power bill is abnormally high once your heats been turned on, there may be an issue with your furnace.

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