Why You Should Replace Both Parts of a Split-System Air Conditioning System

The majority of air conditioning systems used in residential properties these days are split systems. This means there is both an indoor and an outdoor component working together to cool your home and control humidity. The indoor unit is the evaporator coil and the outdoor unit is the condenser and compressor. If one or the other has failed and is no longer feasible to repair, don’t be surprised if your HVAC professional strongly recommends that you replace both components of your air conditioning system.  This is because the two parts are designed to work together and there are several problems associated with mismatched systems.

air conditioning system manufacturers consider the warranty null

  • Reduced Efficiency- A mismatched air conditioning system will be more than 30% less energy efficient. This is because the two can fight one another with one lagging behind, consuming more power than they normally would if matched properly.
  • Premature Failure- As the two mismatched components fight one another, they are wearing out faster, leading to a decreased lifespan from the added stress.
  • Increased Repairs- Before the units fail due to the stress, they’ll require more repairs than would be typical.
  • Minimize Installation Cost- If one component has failed, it is likely the other will before long as they are the same age going through the same conditions. If you wait to have the second component replaced, you’ll now have another installation bill to pay. You’ll pay less to handle the air conditioning system installation of both components at the same time.
  • Warranty Issues- In many cases, air conditioning system manufacturers consider the warranty null and void if you have a mismatched system because they know about the problems that such a situation causes.

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