Five Common Furnace Problems You Should Know About

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Of all the things that could go wrong with your home in the winter, furnace problems are probably the worst of them. However, being aware of common furnace problems may be able to help you identify them early. If not, it will at least allow you to recognize when you need to call an HVAC technician to fix them.

Five Common Furnace Problems You Should Know About

Here are five common furnace problems to watch for in your home this winter:

  1. Malfunctioning Thermostat- If your thermostat doesn’t seem to be working, you may have problems with the fan running constantly and your furnace operating inefficiently, which will increase your energy costs.
  2. Pilot Light Issues- One common problem you might notice is that your pilot light is flickering, weak, or yellow-colored. These are signs that there may be excessive carbon monoxide in your furnace and you need to call for heating repair.
  3. Faulty Limit Switch- If the blower fan runs continuously even when your thermostat is set to “auto,” your limit switch may be at fault, and you’ll need an HVAC technician to repair or replace it.
  4. Loud, Abnormal Noises- If there are strange grinding or scraping noises coming from your furnace, it probably has a mechanical problem, such as worn ball bearings.
  5. Dirty or Clogged Filters- Some furnace problems can be attributed to a lack of sufficient maintenance. If you have a dirty or clogged filter, the airflow will be affected and your furnace may become damaged.

If you experience any of these furnace problems, make sure you trust a licensed technician to handle them.