Put an Air Conditioning Checkup on Your Spring Maintenance List

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Professional air conditioning checkups handle the rest

Spring is the best time to handle a variety of maintenance tasks around your home, including checking the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, clearing and repairing the gutters, and checking for plumbing leaks that might have occurred due to winter conditions. One that many homeowners overlook since they don’t handle it themselves is getting an air conditioning checkup. This spring maintenance task actually comprises some things you can do yourself and others you should call a professional to handle.

As for what you can do for your air conditioning system, be sure to change the air filter regularly. It is recommended that this be done once a month, even if you only have the fan going when heat or air conditioning isn’t needed. You can also check the outdoor unit to be certain debris hasn’t fallen on it and feel free to hose it off if it is dusty, dirty, or covered with pollen. As your landscaping comes alive, keep an eye that nothing is growing too close to the unit.

Professional air conditioning checkups handle the rest, including cleaning, adjusting, inspecting, and lubricating the various working parts. This is vital for keeping your air conditioner in top condition. Peak performance equates to energy efficiency, so you’ll enjoy lower energy bills while reducing breakdowns when you have an annual air conditioning checkup performed. Spring is an ideal time to do this, so your first bill is the lowest possible.

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